Larger sized Rivet Molybdenum Alloy boat/box

Product Description

Molybdenum bearing boat is made by bending molybdenum sheet and welding, riveting or stamping. It is suitable for containers containing powder, particles and block materials in high-temperature vacuum sintering furnace or heat treatment furnace. It is widely used in the production of magnetic materials and ceramic parts. Generally, the recommended operating temperature of molybdenum bearing boat is below 1200 ° C.

Our company can make bearing boats of various sizes and shapes according to different needs, and will also produce molybdenum boats with different materials according to the use industry and temperature, so as to ensure the stability, deformation and durability of molybdenum bearing boats.

If you have drawings or samples, please send them to us and we will give you a preferential price.

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Our Company

Luoyang Forged Tungsten Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang, the ancient capital of the nine dynasties. It has long been engaged in the production, sales, import and export of tungsten molybdenum products, tungsten molybdenum alloy, tungsten copper alloy, high specific gravity alloy and other non-ferrous metal materials. The company has modern plant equipment and advanced testing means, and has a set of scientific and strict management system, production technology and operation procedures. With good credit and excellent service, the company has established long-term cooperative relations with many enterprises.


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