Polishing Tungsten Heavy Metal , Medical Field Protective Tungsten Alloy Pot

Tungsten alloy W-Ni-Fe W-Ni-Cu protective tank pot high quality

Product Description:
Tungsten alloy shield is the first choice for radiation shielding.
It can be used in both medical and industrial fields.
Tungsten alloys offer better shielding than traditional shielding materials such as lead.
Because of its high density, tungsten alloy is 13 times smaller in volume than lead, but it is as shielding as lead.
At present, people have made full use of the shielding property of tungsten alloy, they are used in radioactive source containers, Y ray and X ray shielding, etc.
They can also be used as collimators and shields in radiotherapy and syringe shields.
Tungsten alloy protective tank:
Because of its X-ray attenuation, tungsten is an ideal material for use in shielding components or containers of various radioactive sources.
In addition, tungsten is high density and environmentally friendly.
The medical tungsten radiation protection box is used as a shielding wall for medical radiation protection.
Tungsten radiation protection box can be used as a tank, box and other containers, used for the storage of radioactive materials collimator, in the tungsten series test container system collimator medical linear accelerator and nuclear technology applications, CO60 radiation shielding.
Tungsten radiation protection tank can be widely used in industry, such as radiation shielding radiation detector, radiation protection in nuclear industry, etc.
Tungsten radiation shielding box for shielding X – and V – ray radiation can greatly improve the performance of the material and shielding efficiency.



size as customers’ demands
material W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu
content W 85-98 %
density 16.75-18.75g/cc
application medical field
shipment can be negotiate or as customers’ demands
appearance polishing
package pearl cotton,carton,wooden case,drum

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