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Tungsten crucible
Usage: Due to its high temperature resistance and low pollution, tungsten is widely used in the manufacture of ruby and sapphire crystal growth and rare earth smelting in the LED industry.
Common size as below:

Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Height (mm)
30-50 2-10 <1300
50-100 3-15
100-150 3-15
150-200 5-20
200-300 8-20
300-400 8-30
400-450 8-30
450-500 8-30

Our pressed-sintered crucibles made of tungsten have a surface roughness of less than 0.8 µm. The sapphire can be extracted from the crucible without difficulty and without damaging the surface of the crucible. For the sapphire producers, this results in less complex and expensive reworking of the surface of the crucible. The cycles run smoothly and deliver high-quality ingots. And there’s another advantage: The smooth surface is less susceptible to corrosion caused by the aggressive melted sapphire. This increases the service life of the reusable tungsten crucibles.
We can process tungsten rhenium in various sizes and tungsten flakes for rare earth smelting and tungsten and molybdenum parts for thermal field of sapphire crystal growth furnace (including heat shield, heating body and support, etc.) according to customer requirements.