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Molybdenum crucibles are typically manufactured using one of two main production methods:

Powder metallurgy: This method involves mixing molybdenum powder, pressing it into the desired crucible shape, and then sintering the compacted powder in a high-temperature vacuum or hydrogen atmosphere. This process helps achieve the required density and structural integrity of the crucible. Machining: In this method, the molybdenum rod or rod is machined using cutting tools and CNC equipment to carve out the desired crucible shape. This method is often used to produce smaller or custom-shaped crucibles. In both cases, additional processes such as heat treatment, surface finishing, and quality control checks may be performed to ensure that the final crucible meets the required specifications.

These processes produce high-quality molybdenum crucibles suitable for a variety of high-temperature applications, such as melting and casting metals, sintering ceramics, and other heat treatment processes.

Due to the excellent properties of tungsten, including high density, strength, hardness, and resistance to wear and corrosion, CNC machined tungsten parts are widely used in various industries.  Some common uses for CNC machined tungsten parts include:

Aerospace: Tungsten parts are used in aerospace components that require high strength, heat resistance and durability, such as aircraft engine components, balance weights and tooling. Medical Industry: Because of its ability to absorb and attenuate radiation, tungsten components are used in medical devices and equipment, such as radiation shields, collimators, and X-ray equipment. Energy and Environmental Applications: Tungsten components are used in the energy sector for nuclear reactor components, electrical contacts, high-temperature furnace components, and in environmental applications for radiation shielding and containment. Tools and Machining: Tungsten is used in tooling applications such as dies, punches and cutting tools, where its hardness and wear resistance are critical for extended tool life and precision machining. Defense and Military: Tungsten parts are used in a variety of defense and military applications, including armor-piercing ammunition, kinetic energy penetration rounds, and electronic components and ammunition. Automotive Industry: Due to its high density and strength-to-weight ratio, tungsten is used in automotive applications such as high-performance engines, crankshafts, ballasts, and vibration-damping components.

Overall, CNC machined tungsten parts are valued for their ability to withstand extreme conditions, maintain dimensional stability, and provide long-lasting performance in critical applications across multiple industries.

Product Name CNC Machined Tungsten Parts
Material W1
Specification Customized
Surface Black skin, alkali washed, polished.
Technique Sintering process, machining 
Meltng point 3400℃
Density 19.3g/cm3


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