Molybdenum components

Molybdenum furnace and standard part (bolts/nuts/threaded rod/washers/pins/stud/screw/rivet)

We can supply you with rivets, screws,bots,threaded rod,washer,pins,stud and nuts made of molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and niobium as well as kinds of alloy that can meet your enginneering project.Our range includes hexagon rivets, round head rivets and combination rivet shapes. Our line in screws comprises both hexagon head screws and slot-head screws. We will also be happy to manufacture other head geometries Our standard screws manufactured from molybdenum,tungsten,tantalum,and niobium are available directly from stock. We manufacture these in accordance with DIN 936 and we are also able to supply DIN 934-compliantnuts.

Hex nut