Molybdenum Wire

Type Supplying state Recommended application
1 Y – Cold processingR – Hot processing
H – Heat treatment
D – Stretching
C – Chemical cleaning
E – Electro polishing
S – Straightening
Grid electrode
2 Mandrel wire
3 Leading wire
4 Wire cutting
5 Spraying coating

Appearance: Produce is free from defects like crack, split, burrs, breakage, discolor, wire’s surface of supplying state with C,E is silver white, there should not be pollution and obvious oxidation.
Chemical composition: Type1, Type2, Type3 and Type4 molybdenum wires’ chemical composition should conform to following stipulation.

Chemical composition(%)
Mo O C
≥99.95 ≤0.007 ≤0.030

Type5 molybdenum wire’s chemical composition should conform to following stipulation.

Mo(≥) Impurity content (%) (≤)
99.95 Fe Al Ni Si Ca Mg P
0.006 0.002 0.003 0.003 0.002 0.002. 0.002

According to different diameters, spray molybdenum wires have five types: Ø3.175mm, Ø2.3mm, Ø2.0mm, Ø1.6mm, Ø1.4mm.
Diameter tolerance of molybdenum wires types besides Type 5 of spray molybdenum wire conform to stipulation of GB/T 4182-2003.