Application fields of tungsten molybdenum materials


Medical detection and treatment

X-ray target (three-layer composite target, double-layer composite target, tungsten circular target) ray collimating parts (tungsten alloy collimating parts, pure tungsten collimating parts) tungsten / molybdenum parts (anode, cathode) particle accelerator and gamma knife parts for ball tube


Electronic and semiconductor field

Raw material for sputtering target / component raw material for ion implantation / component raw material for MOCVD heater / component heat sink / raw material for packaging / component / blank / semi-finished product / finished product component


Military civilian integration

Key materials for engine (TZM, pure molybdenum, MHC, W-Cu) damage and protective materials (tungsten alloy rod, tungsten alloy prefabricated fragment, tungsten carbide armor) aviation materials (gyroscope tungsten nickel copper, tungsten alloy rivet)


Nuclear power field

TZM materials for nuclear, sintering boat, heater, alloy pellet, materials / components for controllable thermonuclear fusion


Electrical materials

Non integral contact, integral contact


High temperature thermal field

Heat field, heat shield, structural parts, container, overall equipment


Other areas

Pipe fittings, evaporation boat, counterweight, etc