Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo meets with sun Ruiwen, President of Luoyang molybdenum industry

微信图片_20220309151202Sun Ruiwen briefed Prime Minister lukonde on the construction of the TFM expansion project and KFM new project of Luoyang molybdenum industry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and communicated with his Excellency the prime minister and discussed the vision and planning of developing the new energy metal industry chain in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the enterprise’s strategic partners in the next step.


Lukonde highly affirmed the long-term contribution of Luoyang molybdenum industry to the national finance and community development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and encouraged and welcomed Luoyang molybdenum industry to further increase its investment in Congo. He said that Luoyang molybdenum industry is an important partner of the DRC government. The total investment of TFM and KFM projects is expected to exceed billions of dollars, which is a key project of great concern to the DRC government. He hoped that Luoyang molybdenum industry can speed up the process of the two projects, create more employment opportunities for local areas as soon as possible, and drive greater social and economic development. Lukonde stressed that the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is committed to creating a good and stable business environment for enterprises, and has made clear instructions on the issue of TFM mining rights and interests in the past period. Under the leadership of government ministries and commissions, the two sides will jointly hire an internationally recognized third party for evaluation according to international practice, so as to solve it fairly and fairly and effectively protect the interests of investors, Achieve win-win cooperation.